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How did we get started?
Allow us to paint a picture...

              books. google. plans. patio plants. home gardens. unrealized garden plans. chicken coops. escaped ducks & a house takeover. new plans. LAND! fence building. COVID. kids help. more plans. husbands help. cows. tractors. parents help. shovel poop. bigger plans. guineas fly the coop. neighbors help. beautiful chickens & a handsome rooster. mulch. compost. straw. plant. weed. GROW. weed. harvest. weed. eat. weed. share. a farm dog adopts his people. cows wipe  garden off the map (a devastating case of breaking & entering). BIG plans. GREENHOUSE. soil blocks. more books. more google. 1500 seeds (& counting) planted indoors! Good2GrowCo- is formed. community partners join. seedlings. and so on....

Now watch us grow! 


Get to Know Our Community Partners

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FPS Outback.jpg

Fayetteville Public Schools Outback

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Where do we farm?

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