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Good2Grow Farm Co- Beliefs

Justice. One of four cardinal virtues - a social virtue.


InJustice. Humans lack access to food (healthy, nutritious food), because of where they live, discriminate distribution systems, or economic, environmental, and political circumstance, policy and/or agenda.


Restoring Justice. Good2Grow Farm Co- founders will use all resources at their disposal to restore justice by increasing access to hyperlocal, organically grown food within their community. 


Community. Collective values, support, hospitality, trust, and mutual direction. Connection with issues of shared will, strengthened by cooperation, which becomes more encompassing the longer we work.

Community at Risk. Families in our community face huge challenges trying to keep healthy during a pandemic. Health fears grow hand-in-hand with an unfamiliar worry: food insecurity. Lost jobs and reduced incomes leave many struggling for enough to eat. 


Beneficent Community. Beneficence is the act of kindness, generosity, mercy, and charity with underlying

motivators of altruism and humanitarian love.

Good2Grow Farm Co- will galvanize community support to meet the need of our neighbors. We will work together to provide food to vulnerable populations, especially school-aged children, seniors, and the uninsured, with a strategic goal of operating within a co-op of like-minded and like-missioned community organizations to be a valuable component of a sustainable food network.



Cultivate | cul·​ti·​vate | ˈkəl-tə-ˌvāt 


1 : to improve by labor or care. 

Cultivate Community.

Cultivate Beneficence.

Cultivate Justice.


Good2Grow Farm Co- will unite community to provide a sustainable source of food for those in need. We will act with loving and beneficent intent in pursuit of justice for all. 


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